Makoto and Martha

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Makoto and Martha Maeda write original articles and books as well as translating and editing Japanese and English works. They have lived and worked in Japan, Australia, the United States, Latin America and several African countries, and currently reside in Orlando, Florida.

Makoto Maeda graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, and has a special interest in philosophy, politics and world affairs. Martha Maeda is a graduate of Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, and writes on history, finance, business, environmental conservation, culture, and art.

In researching and translating, the Maedas work as a team to ensure that the outcome is not only accurate but easy to understand and enjoyable to read. They are able to translate English, Spanish and French into Japanese, and Japanese into Spanish and English.

The Maedas have a deep appreciation for all cultures, and understand the sensitivities which sometimes cause difficulties in communication among people from different parts of the globe. They are committed to promoting global awareness and understanding.

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